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Sargeants Bayside Services

We are specialists in conveyancing, but we also offer other related services as well.

Conveyancing | Document Delivery | Contract Review | Inspection Services | Wills | Valuations | Insurance | Services Changeovers | More ...

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Our fast, friendly and efficent team are able to provide the full range of conveyancing services for residential, commercial, industrial and rural property settlements anywhere in Victoria.
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Document Delivery

As part of our conveyancing services we provide FREE document pick up and delivery.

Contract Review

Contact us before you sign any contract and we will provide advice in what all of the legal speak means, and guide you in the inclusion or negotiation of special conditions.

Inspection Services

We are able to organise building, swimming pool and pest inspections to reduce the risk of your new purchase.


Our affordable wills and power of attorney services ensure your wishes for the future are protected.


We can take the guess work out of real estate values by providing sworn valuations by registered valuers.


We are able to provide the full range of insurance services to further protect you, your family and your assets from life's little mishaps.

Services Changeovers

Moving is a traumatic process and Sargeants Bayside and Chelsea can ease the pain through organising all your services changovers, and other maintenance and cleaning needs.

More ...

That's not all !   We can also help with:

  • Finance and Refinance
  • Tradespeople
  • Risk Insurance
  • Buyer / Seller Advocacy
  • Buying and Selling Negotiations
  • House Cleaners
  • Furniture Rental
  • Removalists
  • Transfers of Ownership (between spouses, dependents and other unrelated parties)
  • Anything related to the buying and selling of property!